NeoPerformance and the success of L'Oréal Brasil’s B de Beleza event: conversion rate increases by 223%

Launched in 2020 by L’Oréal Brasil, the B de Beleza event was designed to connect consumers during a challenging time, offering unique discounts and an enhanced shopping experience during a typically slow sales season. With NeoPerformance stepping in, the event gained new momentum and has continued to grow and evolve.

NeoPerformance’s focus on performance and innovation helped elevate the event and encouraged the emergence of creative ideas and strategic partnerships. Imagine a Black Friday exclusive to beauty products, occurring twice a year — in March and July — bringing together all enthusiasts of L’Oréal Brasil products to enjoy exceptional offers.


Impact on the beauty e-commerce in Brazil

The event transforms the Brazilian e-commerce landscape into a paradise for consumers passionate about L’Oréal products. With the first half focused on competitive promotions and the second half maintaining the momentum with irresistible discounts, NeoPerformance facilitated B de Beleza to become the second most important sales event for L’Oréal Brasil. And it’s no wonder that B de Beleza has already approached sales numbers comparable to the company’s famous Black Friday.


The role of NeoPerformance

Behind this resounding success stands NeoPerformance, the performance media agency that has been a crucial partner in transforming B de Beleza into a sales phenomenon. NeoPerformance has elevated the event to new heights and opened doors to innovative experiments and partnerships.

One key strategy adopted by NeoPerformance was expanding the event’s presence across various communication and sales channels. In addition to Brazil’s major e-commerce channels like It’s owned D2C DermaClub, major retailers like Mercado Livre, Amazon, Pure players like Época Cosméticos and Beleza na Web, and also local pharmacies like Droga Raia, Drogasil, Pacheco, Araújo, Panvel.  NeoPerformance actively sought new communication vehicles to increase B de Beleza’s visibility. A notable example was the expansion to digital OOH like Eletromídia, utilizing offline media such as elevator screens. This small test proved successful, paving the way for even greater experiments in the next event.

Another innovative initiative was partnering with cashback and coupon platforms like Meliuz and other coupons websites through the Indexa affiliate network, which proved to be one of the most effective in boosting B de Beleza sales. Furthermore, NeoPerformance activated online sales through the Privalia platform, (known for its high engagement and potential sales of premium products) and also partnership with major banks like Nubank to offer discounts inside their in-app e-commerce.


Tangible results achieved by NeoPerformance

The exponential growth recorded in the partnership between NeoPerformance and L’Oréal Brasil is more than just a combination of numbers; it represents a journey of commitment, innovation, and tangible results. ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend) jumped by over 50% from 2023 to 2024, indicating a more efficient allocation of resources and a precise and impactful advertising strategy combined with a considerable increase in spend YoY. This substantial increase reflects not only the effectiveness of the implemented campaigns but also a deeper understanding of consumer behavior and the nuances of the beauty market.

Furthermore, the +90% revenue growth is a testament to the transformative power of collaboration between NeoPerformance and L’Oréal Brasil. This significant increase reflects a comprehensive way to improve the customer experience, from awareness to conversion and brand loyalty.

Finally, the impressive conversion rate, increasing by an incredible +200%, is a clear indicator of NeoPerformance’s ability to create engaging and persuasive experiences for consumers. This exceptional conversion rate is the product of a meticulous and adaptable strategy that prioritizes personalization, relevance, and consistent delivery of value to the customer. Thus, it is evident that the strategy adopted by NeoPerformance is driven by impressive numbers and by a shared vision of excellence and continuous innovation among Neo team members who have worked hard to boost sales.

The success of L’Oréal Brasil’s B de Beleza event is proof of the power of performance and innovation, as well as a testament to adaptability and branding in an ever-evolving market. With NeoPerformance leading the way, we expect B de Beleza to continue to be an annual milestone for L’Oréal Brasil and also for beauty enthusiasts, elevating standards of excellence and innovation in the world of personal care with L’Oréal.

A successful partnership

The collaboration between NeoPerformance and L’Oréal Brasil at the B Beauty event, using the agency’s media and performance strategy, highlights the relationship between online and offline initiatives and results, positioning it as a promising approach for the future of beauty e-commerce. This is just one of many successful strategies Neo has for L’Oréal Brasil, such as planning to maximize offline sales through Meta’s innovative Collaborative Ads in 2023.

By exploring the potential of the media and performance strategy, NeoPerformance has demonstrated a deep understanding of the intersection between online advertising and real sales. This innovative approach drove B de beleza sales growth and set new standards for effective integration of digital strategies and tangible results.

For brands looking to follow suit, adopting the media and performance strategy offers a valuable opportunity to align their digital marketing strategies with concrete sales goals. If you want to position your brand and enhance your approach to the media and performance strategy, NeoPerformance is available to offer expert guidance and help you chart your path to success in any market segment.

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