L'Oréal & NeoPerformance: A Digital Strategy Success with Meta’s Collaborative Ads

Dive into the L'Oréal Brasil and NeoPerformance success story, maximizing offline sales through innovative Meta’s Collaborative Ads.

L’Oréal & NeoPerformance: A Digital Strategy Success with Meta’s Collaborative Ads 

In this case study, we’ll explore how L’Oréal, together with NeoPerformance, demonstrated the potential of Collaborative Ads (CollabAds) on Meta, seamlessly bridging online campaigns with tangible offline results for physical stores, emphasizing both brand-focused and performance-oriented campaigns.

Setting the Stage: L’Oréal’s Global Reach and Digital Dilemma

L’Oréal, globally acclaimed for its beauty innovations, operates in over 120 countries. Beyond their own online sales platforms, they partner with a multitude of sales channels, spanning e-commerce sites to physical outlets like pharmacies and cosmetic stores. Such an extensive network prompted a pressing question: How do online Collaborative Ads for flagship brands, including L’Oréal Paris, Garnier, and Maybelline, translate to sales in physical stores?

Unpacking this question had profound implications — it could reshape marketing budgets, guide future strategies, and redefine partner dynamics. To navigate this intricate landscape, L’Oréal paired with NeoPerformance, eager to delve into the relationship between their online advertising endeavors and tangible offline sales outcomes.

Bridging the Gap Between Online Initiatives and Offline Outcomes

For L’Oréal, digital campaigns weren’t just about reaching wider audiences but ensuring that online engagements had real-world ramifications. Their broad reach presented a challenge: Deciphering the real impact of online ads on brick-and-mortar sales. With a myriad of products spread across countless outlets, the task was challenging.

Aided by the expertise of NeoPerformance, L’Oréal endeavored to untangle this complex web. Together, they sought to demystify the online-to-offline sales dynamics, aiming not just to understand but to pioneer strategies that could set new industry standards.

L’Oréal Brasil’s Enhanced Digital Strategy

From 2020, L’Oréal Brasil made a conscious decision to pivot towards Collaborative Ads. This wasn’t just a simple shift in advertising strategy; it was an exploration of new synergies. Collaborating with e-commerce platforms and other retailers, the idea was to promote their major brands in a joint effort. But the overarching question remained: would these Collaborative Ads, while amplifying online visibility, also influence offline sales?

This new approach was met with enthusiasm, but also with a fair share of skepticism. It wasn’t just about reaching wider audiences or even about maximizing digital engagement. It was about ensuring that the engagement translated to actual sales in physical stores.

The Partnership with Kantar

In its quest to understand the nuances of the dynamics between online ads and offline sales, L’Oréal recognized the need for expertise in market research and analysis. This led to a strategic partnership with Kantar, a renowned global data and insights company. The objective was clear: to conduct a Collaborative Marketing Management (CMM) study to analyze the cascading effect of online Collaborative Ads on in-store purchases.

Kantar’s comprehensive study provided valuable insights into this collaboration. One of the standout findings was the substantial offline impact of these collaborative ads. Notably, a significant portion of sales came from consumers who were unfamiliar with L’Oréal’s offerings, suggesting that its digital strategy was successfully reaching a new market segment.

Implementing Collaborative Ads

L’Oréal’s commitment to integrating the latest in digital advertising took the form of Collaborative Ads, primarily deployed across two of the most popular social platforms: Facebook and Instagram. These platforms were chosen not only for their extensive user base but also for the array of ad formats they offer, catering to various stages of the consumer’s shopping journey.

By utilizing a combination of carousel ads, story ads, and shop buttons, L’Oréal crafted an optimized and intuitive shopping experience. This strategic approach ensured that potential customers were not only exposed to the products but were also guided effortlessly towards the e-commerce partner’s site or app. The emphasis was on reducing friction in the purchasing process, thereby maximizing the chance of conversions from mere ad viewers to actual buyers.

The Tangible Triumphs of This Digital Strategy

Kantar’s findings revealed the brilliance of Collaborative Ads. L’Oréal’s ROI milestones included:

  • 2X ROI with Collaborative Ads spanning online and offline;
  • 2.5X ROI when juxtaposed with TV ads;
  • 60% of Collaborative Ad sales were from new patrons.


Reflecting on Success and Gazing Ahead

The collaboration between L’Oréal Brasil and NeoPerformance using Meta’s Collaborative Ads showcases the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing. This strategy’s success not only underscores the intertwined relationship between online initiatives and offline outcomes but also emphasizes it as a promising approach for the future. As digital tools and strategies continue to unfold, such insights pave the way for businesses to adapt and thrive.

For brands yet to explore this avenue, diving in could offer an invaluable perspective into bridging digital strategies with real-world sales results. If you’re aspiring to emulate such success and are keen on understanding or refining your approach to Collaborative Ads, NeoPerformance is at your service. Drawing from our experience and expertise, we’re poised to guide your brand through the intricacies of this innovative strategy, ensuring you too can craft your own success narrative.

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